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  • My Feels

    Consciousness is a daily choice.
    At first it feels heavy and a little scary.
    The more I practice, the more I grow and the better I become.
  • Self-Awareness Basics: 5 Things You Can do to Become More Self-Aware

    I am sure you're familiar with what self-awareness is but have you ever considered this question: What about myself do I need to be aware of?? W...
  • Blog Update

    I've had so much going on in my head for SRG Blooming Boutique. While I used to be solely focused on creating inventory of halos, kitty crowns and...
  • Emotions, Beliefs and Vibes ... Yeah I'm into it

    I haven't written a diary-esque post in a long time.  Writing is where I started with the whole 'sharing my feelings online' (ok I am lying.. I was...
  • Call to Action

    Accurate self-perception is a necessary part of improving ourselves. If you don't know where your strengths or weaknesses lie, you don't know what areas you need to work on. Or how to leverage your best assets! Self-perception is simply being aware of who you are, what you're like, and what you're capable of. This post gives you 3 starting points in rediscovering YOU.
  • Growth as a Goal

    If I am not getting the desired outcome, I stop and ask, "what am I missing here?" Rather than see myself as the problem, I find solutions in looking for the lessons. 
  • Letting Go to Grow

    At the end of the day, what matters more to me is staying true to myself. I’m not an expert in anything other than me, I know how to articulate my thoughts and feelings into words and writing them helps me release any lingering emotions that are not serving me. My hopes are that in sharing my feelings it will help you witness your own and remind you that you’re not alone in your struggle, whatever it may be.
  • My VIPKid Classroom

    I have enjoyed making this space functional, pretty and ME! I often get messages asking about my supplies and advice for organization, so I thought I'd show you how I do things up in the SRG babe cave. 
  • Out with Doubt, In with Passion

    The New Year started off great, I was ready to kick ass and stick to my resolution of making it my year of action. However, I lost the positive energy behind that notion the third week of January. Instead of succumbing to the low vibes, I made myself find what was missing within. It didn’t come easy but I finally found that I wasn’t doing all that I wanted to.
  • Self-Care: Balanced, Vibrant and Free of Worry

    Hello friends—  It has been quite some time since I’ve been able to sit and write. I’ve been working hard these past couple of months and began to...
  • New Teaching Gig

    I have been getting so many questions regarding my new teaching gig, so I decided to incorporate a few details into this post.  If you know me or h...
  • Sorting Lesson

    Here is a simple, fun learning activity you can do with your child, little sister, baby nephew or tot cousin. You will need: Colored Pom Poms Corr...