3 Steps to Honoring Your Emotions

WE ALL FEEL, is an understatement. 

On the daily, we host a number of emotions that can range from shame & guilt all the way to love, peace and beyond.

Blossoming in Times of Adversity - Shelley Klammer

The question is: Are we aware that these emotions are simply messengers?

The things we feel are for a reason.
Each one of us has different experiences that lead us to viewing our external world with the lenses that we do. 
Diving deep into the why of it all isn't always easy and in our fast paced world, it's not always possible to get to the root of things in the moment.

So what can we do?

1. Detach from the idea that of any feeling is good or bad.

Of course, some emotions feel better than others. While many of us would love to skip over the lower vibrational feelings of shame, guilt and grief-- even those are there to teach us a lesson and help is grow into a wiser version of ourselves. 

When we get caught up in the 'good and bad' of it all, we create a scenario where we aren't allowing the emotions to simply be there and flow through.

Affirm to yourself: I am feeling _________. I will allow myself to feel this and remember that it is temporary.

2. Let go of the judgement.

You're not a baby and you're not wrong for feeling the way you do. You are a human with a wide variety of thoughts and feelings. When we judge ourselves for feeling the way we do, we limit the space for release. 

Not every feeling is comfortable but the least we can do for ourselves is create an environment of compassion.  

3. Allow your emotions to fuel your growth.

Using our feelings to guide us inward to learn more about our inner workings is one way to achieve growth. When we allow ourselves to feel and take the time to understand why-- we show honor to the highest degree. 

Loving ourselves and learning from our emotions opens our hearts up for more of what we want to create in this life. 



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