Website Launch

Thank you for checking out my website, I am so excited to share a piece of myself with you through my art and writing! Being able to have an outlet for my creative side feels wonderful. I hope to shine my light in this new platform while inspiring those around me. 

About Me

I am a wife to my junior high school sweetheart/soulmate/love of my life, Michael. 

Mommy to a beautiful daughter ((Selena Raine)) + 1 on the way ((Sophia Rose))

and fur mama to [[Lady & Annabelle]]

***Yes, my daughters and I share the initials SRG***

I am extremely fortunate to have been able to put my life as a Catholic school teacher on hold while I raise & enjoy my babies on a full time basis. I still have many goals as an individual and feel more motivated than ever to accomplish them and be a strong example to my girls (they're my inspiration). 

This Blooming Blog is aimed to document my journey through life while offering encouragement to anyone who needs it. 




  • I love you, keep moving forward not only for your family but as well as yourself. Remember without pursuing your own sense of joy, and wellness your ability to be a light for those around you will diminish.

    Kk Ramera
  • You have always been an inspiration to my family and to me We are blessed that you have been part of our lives. Thank you for giving so much of yourself Mrs Rodriguez-Gallardo.

    Martha Bautista
  • Love you Sara! I love everything you are doing and so proud you are a best friend of mine! xoxo

  • I’m so very proud of you. You’re a wonderful daughter, wife, sister, but especially mom! Congratulations on SRG! Love you always.


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