Growth as a Goal

I'm really into executing my goals. I'm driven by achievement and accomplishing what I set out to feels so damn good (I'm a 3 on the Enneagram personality test).

However, there have been times that I've completely fallen short on goals. I used to beat myself up about it, not accomplishing something made me feel like a failure. Which translated to major low vibes for me.

We each define what success looks like and it looks different for everyone.

In taking baby steps on my self-care journey, I've found solace in looking at things with a growth mindset

WTF is that exactly?

It's a reframing of how I look at things.

Here's how things used to be...

1. As a student if I studied hard for a test and still didn't get an A, I would believe that I was not smart. 

2. As a teacher I believed that if I taught a lesson and all the students didn't get it that I was a bad teacher.

3. When I became a stay at home mom if I didn't get myself dressed, the baby dressed, clean or fold something, I saw myself as inept for not being able to handle the "easy" things. 

Here's how things are now...

I didn't get to _________ today. There is always tomorrow and I am so glad I spent my time doing __________ because it's what I felt I needed. 

I know that I am capable of achieving what I want to, I just place my energy in loving the climb rather than the destination. Baby steps are still steps and I know I'll get there.

If I am not getting the desired outcome, I stop and ask, "what am I missing here?" Rather than see myself as the problem, I find solutions in looking for the lessons. 

All of this didn't come overnight.
I really did the work.
I spent time learning about myself.
I reevaluated what 30-year-old Sara wife and mother of two
wanted her life to look like.
The type of Mother I wanted to be for my kids.
The type of example I wanted to set for them.
The type of person I wanted to be in general to everyone. 
I carved out time (in the little free time I had) to go deeper into what I have experienced, what I learned from those experiences and how I can use these lessons to propel me further rather than hold me back. 
I asked myself the tough questions and prayed for guidance as I 
Its been a ride and it's still a journey. I love looking at growth as my goal because with this mindset, I'll accomplish every-fucking-thing.

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