Emotions, Beliefs and Vibes ... Yeah I'm into it

I haven't written a diary-esque post in a long time. 

Writing is where I started with the whole 'sharing my feelings online'
(ok I am lying.. I was definitely into that website melodramatic back in the day).

Today my sharing has merged to instagram story talks + podcasting.

Perhaps it'll grow into more down the road...
and THAT is what I wanted to write about today.

The roads we travel.

Image result for where we're going we don't need roads

All of our roads are different.

Maybe one thing all of our roads have in common are the feelings we experience while walking them. 

Emotions are valuable.

We can use them as our built in guiding system, helping us move from the lower states of being into the blissful ones we were created to experience.

I'm not saying its all rainbows and lollipops.

Life can be hard sometimes.

We all struggle, in different ways for different reasons.

So let's keep it simple.

Let's not overcomplicate it by talking about our problems for days on end (we're also not going to ignore them), let's build each other up and do the work to raise our vibration as individuals and as a collective.

Are you ready to learn about ways to honor your emotions?

Maybe your not sold yet.

That's cool, I was also there before; doubtful, unsure and subconsciously trying to find ways to disprove new information and validate my outdated belief patterns. Literally thinking I was losing my mind.

If there is one take away, please let it be this:

Your beliefs create your thoughts.

Your thoughts create your feelings.

Your feelings create your vibration.

Your vibration creates your frequency.

Your frequency attracts an experience.

Your experience may either reinforce the belief and create different scenarios of the same frequency or you can make the choice to examine your beliefs, upgrade your thoughts and vibrate at a higher level in order to attract all that you want to experience. 

Let's get to work, loves!


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