My Journey through the Flower Field

As a child I always loved flowers, the peace sign and of course the yin-yang sign. My sister would call me "The Flower Child".

You know when you're growing up and being unique/yourself starts to be uncool? Well unfortunately, that happened.  

I traded my sunflower headbands for side bangs, yin-yang jewelry for Tiffany and Co. (still a proud lover of T&Co.) and my care-free spirit for a teenager who cared way too much about what other people thought. 

It wasn't until my first year of teaching that I even thought about who I was as a kid. For me, being around this group of confident 8 year-olds who seemed to have the world figured out, made me live in the moment and examine myself. Before I knew it my peace loving spirit was slowly starting to emerge as well as the infamous flower headbands. Soon after I started making these flower halos and selling them. Of course, the ones who liked them the most were the students who saw me daily. That turned out to be a problem as my genuine gesture of love was misconstrued by some as me trying to profit off of my students. Truth be told, the minimal adverse reaction crushed my spirit in a way. I'll always remember one parent who told me not to give up my art ((Thank you Mrs. Bautista)). Long story short, the general negativity surrounding the school at that particular time totally depleted me and I backed away from pursuing something I was passionate about. 

Fast forward to being pregnant with insomnia and major anxiety. During my second trimester, my husband and I received test results that my Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) levels were too high and my daughter could potentially have a neural tube disorder/spina bifida. Your first pregnancy is already scary because its something new, add these scary possibilities and your bound to be a nervous wreck. To keep the panic at bay, I would pray and make dreamcatchers. When the anxiety would overwhelm me, I'd put my headphones on and just create, create, create. Thankfully, with more testing and ultrasounds it turned out that my beautiful daughter was 100% healthy. Rather than looking at my craft time as a distraction, I started to see it as time for me to do something I loved. The joy I felt while creating gave me momentum to show my art off again. I updated my instagram page and started posting pictures of things I made. Interest in my products began to build and I was selling more items than I could keep track of. 

After giving birth to my Selena Raine, I felt this instant push to be better for her. I didn't want to be a person who gave up on anything, much less something I loved. Now that I am pregnant with my second daughter, there are no excuses for not following through on goals. If I am going to raise two strong females, I need to be one as well. All of the lessons I want them to learn start with me as their example. Wearing flowers in my hair isn't solely for the way it looks but for the meaning behind it: Growing, blooming, getting better and remaining true to who you are.

I hope that this post gave you insight to who I am and what I hope to accomplish.

A sincere THANK YOU to all who have followed, shared and liked my social media platforms. I am truly thankful for you! <3



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  • Always my’ “Flower Child”
    I love you and I am so proud of you!


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