My VIPKid Classroom

Teacher Mode

Welcome to my home office + classroom.
I have enjoyed making this space functional, pretty and ME! I often get messages asking about my supplies and advice for organization, so I thought I'd show you how I do things up in the SRG babe cave. 
1. Colorful Hanging File Folders
I dislike having papers everywhere and I tend to accumulate a lot.
I keep outlines for lessons in here and other paperwork.
This wall organizer has been perfect for helping me save desk + drawer space. 
It's $8 on Amazon.
I used the 3M command strips for hanging. 
2. Magnet Board
I use this as a background, limited prop storage and interact with it
throughout my lessons.
This board makes my classroom and I am really happy with how it turned out.
I got the oil pan from Walmart (automotive section), painted it orange and
mounted with 9 of the 3M strips. 
3. Goodies + Storage
I use my dry erase board each lesson so it's important that it's within arms reach.
My wands are also used each lesson as encouragement.
My colorful drawers are from Michael's.
I keep my dry erase markers, alphabet/shape/number magnets, flashcards, extra rewards and lesson specific props.
To see a mini tour of my space, visit my instagram page and view the highlight section titled: Teacher Mode
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  • melanie on

    I found your post on pinterest! I love your setup. The magnet board in the back is awesome. I have a dry erase board now but its super heavy. I think I would like this more. Thanks for the idea!

  • May on

    What kind of paint did you use for your oil pan?

  • Maria on

    I am just preparing for my demo lesson for the interview and I saw your classroom. You did an awesome job and I want to try to do my own background. What other tools do I need for online teaching. This is my first time to try it. Thanks.

  • Chanel Gomez on

    I love your setting. Really lovely and organized. Congrats!

  • Lou Ann on

    I’m a new VIPKid teacher, and don’t have my “fung shue” just right. Got a lot of great ideas from you. Thanks!

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