New Year: New Roles and New Goals

I know I'm late, but Happy New Year! I love the amount of optimism the beginning of each year brings. It's so awesome to see more people inspired and aiming to better themselves. I believe that the ambition we have in achieving our goals is half the battle. 

I've spent the last month getting acclimated to being a family of 4 (6 including the fur babes). Adding Sophia to our family before Christmas was such a wonderful blessing. It feels like she's been here all along and I am so excited to experience milestones with her this year. 

Now that I have two babies depending on me, it can get pretty stressful at times. I was so nervous to be left alone with my two girls once my husband went back to work. Thankfully it’s not as hard as I thought it would be. From bottle feedings to preparing meals, burping the baby to washing little hands and double the diapers + laundry- I feel busier than ever! When I feel overwhelmed I remind myself that these days won’t last forever. I look at the baby and think about how Selena was just this small and before I know it Sophia will be her size. Sure I get tired, burnt out and rarely have ‘me time’ but this is just a short phase of life that will soon morph into another one.

I’ve learned that I not only need to be positive and calm but flexible and accepting. I count the small victories instead of harping on things that don’t go my way. When I take that approach, everything seems to fall into place perfectly. One recent major success that I am proud of is synchronized nap times. That time is my saving grace, I’m able to breathe, relax, and sometimes I’m able to take a nap with them! #WINNING I feel like this time around life with a newborn is so much easier. Going from zero to one was much harder for me than going from one to two. I’m way more confident in my mothering abilities and I’ve definitely grown. That being said, there is always room for improvement.

I hope to get better at finding balance. I know that is going to be an ongoing goal throughout each phase of life. On top of remaining a devoted wife + mama, my goal this year is to invest more in myself. It’s true that at times I feel stretched thin and don’t have energy to do what I want to as an individual. Last summer I went back to school with one goal in mind, get an A in the class. I accomplished it and it was worth so much more than a letter grade. It proved to me that if I want to do something, I can and will do it. When I am determined to execute my goals, nothing can stop me. I hope to carry that fearless attitude into this New Year and accomplish all that I want to achieve.

Changing, adapting and growing are necessary in achieving new goals. When everything seems to be stacked against you, always remember that you are letting yourself believe that’s what is actually happening. It is always important to take a step back, collect yourself, and count your blessings. Getting caught up in a moment of self-pity is very easy, but never let it control you or defeat you. I hope that you are able to meet your goals with the strength of mind that you are capable! Cheers to a beautiful New Year!

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