On Motherhood

There are some days when I am at my wits end.
Overwhelmed. Tired. Upset.
Angry with myself for not being able to do it all graciously.
Sometimes I feel like I can’t take another minute of giving.
I admit that I have come a long way when it comes to dealing with these feelings, but they still pop in every now and then, usually when I’m not taking the time to pour back into myself.
Life is so busy and there is always something going on.
With all of that being said, there is never a time that I am not grateful
for their presence in my life or my role as their mother.
Part of the reason I didn’t allow myself to say that motherhood is hard AF
was because I am extremely grateful.
I've learned that both things can be true at the same time:
I am grateful to be a mom and I also struggle as a mom sometimes.
I’ve been told, “you make it look so easy”…
My kid’s definitely bring out the best in me and at times,
certain situations can bring out the worst in me.
I mess up and I say sorry more often than I care to share.
Motherhood is messy, hard and exhausting.
It is also full of so much love and so many lessons.
It really is an honor that mustn’t be taken for granted.
While learning about our babies, we also have the opportunity to learn about ourselves (don't miss out on this gift).
So if/when things get hard for you on your motherhood journey remember these few things:
Perfect is BS.
Give yourself grace.
Acknowledge all that you’re doing right.
You are enough.
You are worthy.
God trusted you to be their mother. He knows your heart, lean on Him.
and if you need a friend, I'm here for you. 
Much love always,

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