Self-Awareness Basics: 5 Things You Can do to Become More Self-Aware

I am sure you're familiar with what self-awareness is but have you ever considered this question:

What about myself do I need to be aware of??

We each have our own experiences that influence how we see the world. 

These perceptions shape our reality, for better or worse ... that is up to us.

We always have the power to choose.

So what can you focus on to help you better understand yourself?


1. Become aware of your patterns:

Our brains run on subconscious programming 90-95% of the time. This means we are mostly on auto-pilot with our reactions and interactions.

Where does this programming come from? From the birth through 7 years of age our brain is in a theta state (dreamlike), we are sponges that absorb cues from our caretakers, environment and experiences. Read more about this topic here.

Our programming can be seen in our patterns: how we react when we're triggered, the conclusions we jump to, and the stories we tell ourselves. 

More often than not, what we think isn't anything new. However, the awareness to the existence of these patterns is a game changer. 

2. Listen to how you speak to yourself:

How is your tone during your inner dialogue? Are you uplifting or condescending? 

Often times we are our harshest critics. We doubt ourselves, list all the reasons why we cannot do something and even use negative words to describe ourselves and our appearances. 

Noticing how you speak to yourself is powerful. Once you realize how you'd never say half the things you say to yourself to a friend-- you can begin to show yourself the love and compassion you deserve. #selflove

3. Learn more about yourself:

I'm probably in the minority here but, personality tests are not weird.

'Which Game of Thrones Character Are You?' or 'Which Saved by the Bell Character Will You Marry?' now those might be more fun but if you're willing to try those then you can be open to trying these. 

Here is a previous post with various personality tests that will lay all the things out-- the coolest part? YOU get to decide what's true for you. If something resonates, keep it! If something doesn't relate, dump it!

Understanding and acting on that simple principle was a huge milestone in my own growth journey. 

4. Develop your skills:

Sometimes it can be easier to see the things we are bad at rather than what we are good at. Or maybe you're one of the lucky few who are familiar with your skills and how to use them best. I'm a visual person so for this I would grab a blank sheet of paper and draw a line. On one side you can write the things you're good at/ what you'd like to develop and on the other you can write down the things you enjoy doing. Sometimes we don't even consider a new skill because we don't look at what we want to learn or the things we enjoy. 

5. Remember: 

Not one of us are perfect nor do we have perfect lives. Life itself is imperfect. We all deal with pain, loss and unfortunate circumstances that vary in the details. The choice we each make to know ourselves beyond our experiences as souls created to BE LOVE is a brave one. 

I hope this post inspires you to grow closer to your best and highest self. 



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