We Should Catch Up

Friend! How have you been?

Goodness, this last year has been unfathomable. I hope you're holding up ok through these unprecedented times (that effin SUCK). 

Navigating our lives during a pandemic has been rough.

You literally feel every single emotion.

Life has been busy in this house. Newborn + Virtual School + not hanging with family + going nowhere for almost a year have been uneasy waters... but like they say-- a smooth sea never made for a skilled sailor... or something along those lines. 

It seems like it's hard to be the best at anything right now, but I just keep trying to give myself grace. I pray and try not to worry. 

Most days I'm a disheveled mess but I'm trying to work on that... in addition to honoring the present, and remembering to pour into myself so I can lead effectively with heart. 


What's been your strategy to get through these uneasy times?

Thanks for catching up with me. Sending you all the good vibes. 

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